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About Suzanne Malloy

Dr. Suzanne Malloy is a tenured professor and the undergraduate coordinator at the Valley Foundation School of Nursing. She has been associated with San Jose State University as a faculty for 30 years and has been a nurse for over 40 years. She is a professional member of many organizations including American Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau International, National and California League for Nursing and California Faculty Association.


Present Professor, San Jose State University Valley Foundation School of Nursing

Curriculum Vitae


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  • Nurs 30 Summer Nursing Process - for LVN to RN Bridge Students
  • Nurs 33 Beginning Process
  • Nurs 43 Pharmacology
  • Nurs 24 Nursing Theory II
  • Nurs 44 Nursing Practicum I - Care of Adults
  • Nurs 54 Advanced Skills in Nursing II
  • Nurs 104 Health Assessment
  • Nurs 108 Elective in Pharmacology
  • Nurs 128 Evidenced based Nursing and Research in Nursing Practice
  • Nurs 138 Nursing Process VI, Sr. Student Leadership Course
  • Nurs 145 Nursing Practicum II (Junior level advanced med/surg)- Care of Adults
  • Nurs 148A Nursing Practicum V-Sr. Leadership capstone
  • Nurs 153 Nursing Theory- Adults and Children
  • Nurs 163 Jr. level - Nursing Process - Acute Care
  • Nurs 173-1 Skills lecture- Acute Med/Surg.
  • Nurs 173-4 Skills lab course - Acute Med/Surg Lab
  • Nurs 174 Chronic Illness Clinical Practicum
  • Nurs 180-2 "Pilot" The Internet for Nursing Students: An Independent Study Internet Class
  • Nurs 180-80 Internet Skills for Nurses- Online Class
  • Nurs 183 Clinical (Adults and Children ) Acute Care Med/Surg
  • Nurs 216 Graduate class


1993 Ed. D., Nova University ‐ Higher Education
1981 MS, University of Nebraska at Omaha ‐ Nursing
1979 BS, University of Utah ‐ Nursing

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