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Letting the Mannequin Die: Can Learning Occur?
International Meeting of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (2013)
  • Suzan E Kardong-Edgren, Boise State University
  • Richard Kyle
  • Colleen Bonnet-Wyllie
  • Sameer Mistry

Course Overview: If the learner' actions, commission or omission, are lethal, the simulation faculty needs to decide whether to let the mannequin die or not. This is a philosophy decision that should have been predetermined by the simulation users. Deciding upon death, or not, may depend upon differences in current and ultimate responsibilities of different clinical learners! This session' faculty will challenge the audience to consider if and when faculty should let the simulator die.

Learning Objectives:

1. Reflect on one's own biases and opinions about death and the mannequin in relation to the current published evidence.

2. Discuss one benefit and one risk regarding simulated death as an educational tool.

3. Consider whether death and the mannequin is a topic worthy of research and inquiry.

Publication Date
January 28, 2013
Citation Information
Suzan E Kardong-Edgren, Richard Kyle, Colleen Bonnet-Wyllie and Sameer Mistry. "Letting the Mannequin Die: Can Learning Occur?" International Meeting of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (2013)
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