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Development and trialling of a graduated descriptors tool for Australian pharmacy students
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (2012)
  • Ieva Stupans, University of New England
  • Susanne Owen, University of South Australia
  • Leigh McKauge, University of Queensland
  • Lisa Pont, University of Sydney
  • Greg Ryan, University of Sydney
  • Jim Woulfe, University of Sydney
Profession-derived competency standards are key determinants for curriculum and assessment in many professional university programs. An Australian Learning and Teaching Council funded project used a participatory action research approach to enable the collaborative development of a graduated (or incremental) descriptors tool related to competencies, applicable to Australian pharmacy students at various stages within their university programs. Consultations with pharmacy professional/registration organisations, students, preceptors and academics throughout Australia were undertaken. Recording of key themes of discussions and progressive development of the tool occurred. Initial trialling of the tool in pharmacy programs at two different Australian universities has indicated that students were ambivalent regarding the tool and, for example, its usefulness for self-assessment against competencies and its role in supporting learning. Preceptors, supporting students on placements, were however very positive about the tool, its usefulness in supporting learning and in supporting discussions between preceptors and students. [Author abstract]
  • Attitudes,
  • Competence,
  • Competency based assessment,
  • Pharmaceutical education,
  • Standards,
  • Student assessment,
  • Student attitudes,
  • Supervisors,
  • University students,
  • Work placement Postsecondary education
Publication Date
November, 2012
Citation Information
Ieva Stupans, Susanne Owen, Leigh McKauge, Lisa Pont, et al.. "Development and trialling of a graduated descriptors tool for Australian pharmacy students" Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education Vol. 37 Iss. 7 (2012)
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