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Career stage PD and the national teacher quality agenda
Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) (2005)
  • Susanne Owen, University of South Australia
The Australian Government is increasingly politicising education within broader economic agendas. Improved education outcomes are being linked to national programs regarding improving teacher quality, professionalism and status. Ongoing professional development is a significant aspect of teacher quality, with research indicating positive benefits for staff morale, teacher retention and career satisfaction. Traditionally, system-wide curriculum and other educational change have frequently been supported through centrally-devised and pre-packaged one-off workshops conducted by experts. However, the impact of these standardised workshop formats has been questioned, with effective change and professional development increasingly involving ongoing collegiality and support and engagement in practical activities within communities of practice. Research regarding emergent trends in teacher professional development highlights the effectiveness of differentiated programs for various career stages. Coaching and mentoring, quality online programs, portfolios, school-based teams and professional networks focused on meeting the needs of beginning teachers, experienced and leadership groups are highlighted. This paper reports on some Australian and overseas research conducted through literature searches and interviews. With funding linked to accountability within political agendas, the research highlights the importance of using professional development models which involve deep learning for teachers. Real problem-solving activities within ongoing collegial groups support teachers in developing a professional identity, a sense of responsibility for other teacher learners and educational change for the benefit of students and the wider community. [Author abstract]
  • Collegiality,
  • Differentiated curriculum,
  • Educational policy,
  • Government role,
  • Inservice education,
  • Professional development,
  • Quality management,
  • Teachers,
  • Training packages,
  • Workshops Interviews,
  • Literature reviews,
  • Policy analysis,
  • Primary education,
  • Secondary education
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Susanne Owen. "Career stage PD and the national teacher quality agenda" Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) (2005)
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