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Situated researcher reflections and professional learning journeys
Australian Journal of Adult Learning (2006)
  • Susanne Owen, University of South Australia
This research report comments on some key theoretical aspects of the author's recently completed Doctor of Education thesis regarding teacher professional development. These aspects are situativity theory, communities of practice and being a situated reflective practitioner. During the six years of part-time study, as a situated researcher working professionally in the educational community, the author was living these theoretical propositions, researching professional learning while situated in the community, and learning and collaborating within multiple educational communities. The situativity theory framework used for data analysis was also the basis of the author's situated research reflections. With the goal of the formal doctoral qualification achieved, the process of collaborative professional learning and making a contribution is ongoing.
  • Education work relationship,
  • Graduate study,
  • Learning communities,
  • Professional development,
  • Reflective teaching,
  • Research and development,
  • Researchers,
  • Teachers,
  • Theory practice relationship Postsecondary education
Publication Date
April, 2006
Citation Information
Susanne Owen. "Situated researcher reflections and professional learning journeys" Australian Journal of Adult Learning Vol. 46 Iss. 1 (2006)
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