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Workforce planning for career stage professional development
Australian Association for Research in Education (2006)
  • Susanne Owen, University of South Australia
The educational, political and economic agendas are inextricably interconnected, a current political focus being the provision of policies, resources and programs to support teacher quality and professional development for the ultimate benefit of students and the knowledge society. Current research indicates that effective professional development involves situated learning in collegial teams, with new ideas being introduced and follow-up support occurring within these groups. Teachers engage in joint enterprise and relevant practical activities over an extended timeframe, with coaching and mentoring to meet individual needs and to support the learning of others in the team also occurring. Career stages and recognition of differentiated learning needs including intensive support for beginning teachers through mentoring and effective induction programs need consideration. Focused professional development linked to career stages requires a comprehensive and strategic approach to workforce data collection and planning. This paper examines current Australian workforce data and planning within the context of an ageing teacher population and high beginning teacher attrition, with supply shortages already evident in particular locations and secondary subject areas including science and mathematics. The current workforce demographic profile provides evidence of historical recruitment phases and highlights the importance of systems planning involving accommodation of career stages when addressing the professional learning needs of teachers. [Author abstract]
  • Career development,
  • Career planning,
  • Demography,
  • Educational needs,
  • Labour force,
  • Labour force development,
  • Professional development,
  • Supply and demand,
  • Teacher recruitment,
  • Teacher shortage,
  • Teachers,
  • Early childhood education,
  • Primary education,
  • Secondary education,
  • Statistical analysis
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Susanne Owen. "Workforce planning for career stage professional development" Australian Association for Research in Education (2006)
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