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Friends and Heretics
Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family (2017)
  • Susanna Drake
Melania the Younger, her husband, Pinianus, and her mother, Albina, arrived in North Africa in the autumn of 410. After spending some time in Thagaste, the aristocratic entourage traveled to Hippo, where they received a strange welcome from the members of Augustine’s church. Upon hearing about the money and land that Melania’s family had given to the church in Thagaste, Augustine’s congregants crowded the church in Hippo and tried to force Pinianus into accepting a position as priest among them, thus ensuring that Pinianus and Melania’s wealth would benefit the church in Hippo. According to Augustine, Pinianus so wanted to...
Publication Date
Catherine M. Chin, Caroline T. Schroeder
University of California Press
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Susanna Drake. "Friends and Heretics" Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family (2017) p. 171 - 185
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