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Doubt and Framing of Virtue Through Film
Moral and Character Education: A Reader (2011)
  • Susan Verducci, San Jose State University
  • M. Katz

Against a formidable national discourse that emphasizes academic standardization, accountability, and high-stakes testing in educational policy, Character and Moral Education: A Reader seeks to re-introduce and revive the moral mission of education in public conversation and practices in America's schools. With contributions from a prominent array of scholars and practitioners, the book critically analyzes moral education, broadly defined as both an academic field that attempts to develop moral human beings, and as a principled discourse aimed at creating ethical educational policies and practices. With theoretical rigor and practical wisdom, this volume offers diverse and cutting-edge scholarship on character and moral education in 21st-century schools. This timely and important book will appeal to all those concerned with both the ethical well-being of today's students, and the school's responsibility to prepare individuals to lead moral lives in the future.

Publication Date
J. Devitis & T. Yu
Peter Lang Publishing
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Susan Verducci and M. Katz. "Doubt and Framing of Virtue Through Film" New YorkMoral and Character Education: A Reader (2011)
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