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About Susan Sepples

Research Interests
I was educated as a clinical nurse specialist in critical care. I have maintained CCRN certification since 1986 through clinical practice in critical care. My research and my teaching are influenced by my experiences as staff nurse for over 25 years. I have been most interested in the introduction of technology as a way to bridge the classroom and the clinical experiences for undergraduate and graduate nursing students. I have been involved in developing simulation in the lab and the classroom, piloting experiences for undergraduates in the eICU and am currently involved in the introduction of a second life initiative into the curriculum. I have also been engaged in community based research and service. In 1996 I published a hermeneutic study on the lived experiences of women with HIV in the rural south. This work has led to a passion for serving the health needs of the working poor. I have been working in the Bayside community with undergraduate students for 7 years. My service has been at both the local and state level where I developed an on-going collaboration between directors of nursing programs across the state. I am currently co-chair of the Partners in Education and Practice (PEP), a consortium of nursing leaders engaged in creating a statewide initiative to assess and address the gap between education and practice. This sabbatical year I am working on a local initiative with Maine Medical Center, I am president elect of my local chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and I am working on a book about my 25 years in critical care.


Present Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Southern Maine