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About Susan Scheibler

PhD: University of Southern California;
MA: University of Southern California;
MA: Claremont Graduate University;
MA: Talbot Theological Seminary;
BA: Biola University
Sue Scheibler has graduate degrees in New Testament Studies and Philosophy of Religion and a PhD in Critical Studies (Film and Television) from the University of Southern California. She has published in Theorizing Documentary, Alternative Media Handbook, War: Interdisciplinary Investigations, Signs and assorted journals. Her research and teaching interests include film theory, television studies, documentary, Asian film, science fiction, technologies of war, memory, video games and Asian philosophy.
Scheibler has spoken at such engagements as the War, Virtual War and Human Security Conference where she presented on the topic of “Experiencing War the Video Game Way: Call of Duty 2” and the American Cultural Studies Association where she spoke aboutavatars, war and the documentary image.
She is currently working on two projects: Windows, Frames, Screens: Understanding Media and The Meditative Gaze: Media and Eastern Philosophy.


Present Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount University

Contact Information

Office: Xavier Hall 324
Phone: 310.338.5376

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