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Protein N-acetylation Analysis
  • Susan Rey
Protein N-acetylation Analysis, or the transfer of an acetyl group to nitrogen, occurs in almost all eukaryotic proteins through both irreversible and reversible mechanisms. N-terminal acetylation requires the cleavage of the N-terminal methionine by methionine aminopeptidase (MAP) before replacing the amino acid with an acetyl group from acetyl-CoA by N-acetyltransferase (NAT) enzymes. This type of acetylation is co-translational, in that N-terminus is acetylated on growing polypeptide chains that are still attached to the ribosome. While 80-90% of eukaryotic proteins are acetylated in this manner, the exact biological significance is still unclear.
  • Protein N-acetylation Analysis
Publication Date
Summer August 18, 2016
Citation Information
Susan Rey. "Protein N-acetylation Analysis" (2016)
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