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Information and Participation in a Social Program
World Bank Economic Review (2013)
  • Dave Coady
  • Cesar Martinelli
  • Susan W. Parker

Participation in social programs, like that in clubs and other social organizations, is the result of a process in which an agent first learns about the requirements, benefits, and the likelihood of acceptance, applies to be a participant, and finally is accepted or rejected. We propose a model of this participation process, and provide an application of the model using data from a social program in Mexico. Our empirical analysis illustrates that decisions at each stage of the process are responsive to expectations about the decisions and outcomes at the subsequent stages, and that knowledge about the program can have a large impact on participation outcomes.

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Dave Coady, Cesar Martinelli and Susan W. Parker. "Information and Participation in a Social Program" World Bank Economic Review Vol. 27 Iss. 1 (2013)
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