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Building Trades Apprentice Training in Massachusetts: An Analysis of Union and Non-Union Programs, 1997-2007
Labor Resource Center Publications
  • Anneta Argyres, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Research Report
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This study provides an analysis and comparison of the efficacy and sustainability of union and non-union building trades apprentice training programs in Massachusetts. The authors analyzed several outcome variables including total enrollment levels and completion rates; enrollment and completion rates for minorities, women and other non-traditional populations; and program size and sustainability. Based on the findings, the authors offer recommendations to the Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Training.

The Future of Work Paper Series, Paper #3a

The Future of Work in Massachusetts is a joint research project of the Labor Centers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell, funded by the University of Massachusetts’ President’s Office.

The Labor Resource Center of the College of Public and Community Service, UMass Boston provides links between the University and the Massachusetts Labor Movement. Programs include the Labor Studies Program, educating future labor leaders through courses, certificates and a bachelor's degree centered on today's workplace concerns from contingent work to globalization; Labor Extension, providing participatory training and education for union members and workers; and research initiatives focused on the Future of Work in Massachusetts.

Subsequent to the original release of this report in May 2008, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Apprentice Training (DAT) discovered an error in the data it had provided to the Labor Resource Center. Specifically, the DAT discovered that 883 apprentices had inadvertently been assigned the incorrect building trade. In this updated version of the report, all analyses have been conducted on the corrected data.

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Anneta Argyres and Susan Moir. "Building Trades Apprentice Training in Massachusetts: An Analysis of Union and Non-Union Programs, 1997-2007" (2008)
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