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Dr. Susan Mason - City and Public Adoption of Green Building
  • Charlie Woodruff, Building a Greener Idaho
  • Dr. Susan Mason, Boise State University
Today's conversation is with Dr. Susan Mason Associate Professor and founding director of BSU's Community and Regional Planning graduate program.

Dr. Mason has authored many articles and papers on trends in green building, community engagement, and change management and has spoken at conferences in the US and overseas. She co-authored the first report for the Northwest on trends in green building and has published follow up papers and articles since.
  • change management,
  • community and regional planning,
  • green building,
  • northwest,
  • public policy,
  • sustainable cities
Publication Date
February 3, 2015
Interview by Charlie Woodruff on Building a Greener Idaho.
Citation Information
Woodruff, Charlie. (Interviewer). (2015, February 3). Dr. Susan Mason - City and Public Adoption of Green Building. Building a Greener Idaho [Audio podcast].