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Carbon Culprits: Construction and Transportation
Boise State - Beyond the Blue Faculty Podcasts (2012)
  • Susan Mason, Boise State University
Energy consumption is the largest producer of greenhouse gases and transportation is often considered the biggest culprit in greenhouse gas production. In this podcast, Dr. Mason examines the theory that commercial and residential buildings are greater greenhouse gas producers than transportation. She discusses how cities, as opposed to individuals, are in a unique position to contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gases in our communities. Dr. Mason makes the case that there are fundamental differences between cities that have LEED certified green buildings and those that do not. She finds that cities with green buildings make different use of the non-financial incentives within their arsenal of tools than cities that do not have green buildings.
Publication Date
May 14, 2012
Citation Information
Mason, Susan. (2012, May 14). Carbon Culprits: Construction and Transportation. Boise State - Beyond the Blue. [Audio podcast].