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Action Learning Unveiled: Understanding Depth through Exploring Related Constructs
Academy of Management (2004)
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
Quality in learning continues to be of utmost importance in higher educational institutions around the world. A lack of clarity, however, arises in discussions around the definition or components of a quality learning experience. Many researchers and academicians purport that quality learning does not occur unless students are actively involved in the learning experience. An emerging pedagogy that addresses this quality is that of action learning. One concern, however, is that action learning is so broad that it is often difficult to fully understand its definition and scope. This article takes an in-depth look at this term and its connection with other interrelated themes and constructs, primarily within the higher educational arena. Action research, active learning and practice, experiential learning, academic service-learning, and community-based research not only have overlapping qualities but also appear to have direct links and connections with and to action learning. In this article I will define these terms, discuss the various relationships between them, and propose an initial model to assist in conceptualizing future research needs aimed at a deeper understanding of the action learning phenomenon. Finally, implications to management education will be discussed.
  • Action Learning,
  • Service-Learning,
  • Experiential Learning,
  • Higher Education
Publication Date
August, 2004
Citation Information
Susan R. Madsen. "Action Learning Unveiled: Understanding Depth through Exploring Related Constructs" Academy of Management (2004)
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