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What Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialists can do to Strengthen the Impact of Utah Girls and Women
What Can I Do? A Series to Help Utahns Engage
  • Robbyn T. Scribner, Utah Women & Leadership Project
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah State University
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Utah State University
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Utah is full of engaged, passionate individuals who frequently ask the question, “What can I personally and/or professionally do to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women?” To provide specific answers to that question, the Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) hosted a series of “think tank” gatherings to collect best practices for various stakeholders interested in supporting and empowering Utah women.

Citation Information
Scribner, R. T., & Madsen, S. R. (2020, June 3). What diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists can do to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women. Utah Women & Leadership Project’s “What Can I Do?” Series.