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The Status of Women Leaders in Government–Utah Cities and Towns
Utah Research & Policy Brief
  • April Townsend, Utah Women & Leadership Project
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah State University
  • D. Candice Backus Pierucci, Utah Women & Leadership Project
  • Brooke Smith, Utah Women & Leadership Project
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Utah State University
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Research shows that communities and organizations increasingly thrive when men and women work together in leadership roles. Gender inclusivity benefits not only businesses, churches, schools, and state legislatures, but also state and local governments. American democracy is grounded in the idea of representation. “Representative bureaucracy” is the term for government entities employing a workforce that shares the demographic characteristics of the communities they serve, and the combined experiences and perspectives of that workforce represent and benefit all residents within its purview. This includes the thousands of government professionals who run the daily functions of municipalities within the State of Utah.

Citation Information
Townsend, A., Madsen, S. R., Pierucci, D. C. B., & Smith, B. (2020, October 6). The status of women leaders in government—Utah cities and towns. Utah Research & Policy Brief.