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Readiness for Organizational Change
Western Academy of Management (2005)
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Duane Miller, Utah Valley University
  • Cameron John, Utah Valley University
Today’s businesses are confronting continuous and unparalleled changes. For organizations to assist employees in being motivated and prepared for change, it is essential that managers, leaders, and organization development professionals understand factors that may influence individual change readiness. The purpose of this research study was to investigate the relationship between readiness for change and two of these possible factors: organizational commitment and social relationships in the workplace. Four hundred and sixty-four usable surveys were returned from full-time employees in four companies within two northern Utah counties. The findings indicate that there are significant relationships between readiness for change, organizational commitment, and social relationships. Relationships were also found between readiness for change and number of children; social relationships and gender; and organization commitment or one of its three components (i.e., identification, job involvement, and loyalty) and employee age, length of time with organization, educational level, and gender.
  • Readiness for Change,
  • Individual Readiness,
  • Organizational Commitment,
  • Social Relationships,
  • Change
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Susan R. Madsen, Duane Miller and Cameron John. "Readiness for Organizational Change" Western Academy of Management (2005)
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