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Domestic Violence Among Utah Women. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 6)
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Tiffany Turley, Brigham Young University
  • Robbyn T. Scribner, Utah Valley University
Domestic violence is a serious and widespread issue affecting women and families in Utah. One in three Utah women will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime, and our rate is slightly higher than the national average (32.4% vs 28.8%). According to the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, more than 40% of adult homicides in Utah since 2000 have been domestic violence related. Domestic violence is often presumed to refer only to physical violence, but it also includes many other forms of abuse—emotional, verbal, financial, spiritual, digital/online, and sexual. Domestic violence can be perpetrated against anyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, or socio-economic status. A recent survey shows that 86% of Utah women believe domestic violence is a problem in their communities, and 63% believe violence against women is increasing. It affects not only women but their families, friends, children, and communities. This research snapshot focuses on three key areas: 
1) An overview of domestic violence statistics in Utah,
2) The impact of domestic violence on Utah children and teens, and
3) A discussion of the costs of domestic violence in Utah
Publication Date
February 6, 2017
Citation Information
Madsen, S. R., Turley, T. & Scribner, R. (2017, February 6). Domestic violence among Utah women. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 6). Office of the Utah Women & Leadership Project. Retrieved from