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Mammography Among Utah Women. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 7).
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Elyse Barnes, Brigham Young University
  • Robbyn T. Scribner, Utah Valley University
Breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers among U.S. women and the primary cause of cancer death among women in Utah. Yet, research has found that deaths from breast cancer can be substantially reduced if the tumor is discovered early, and mammography screening is the most effective method for the early detection. However, despite the advantages of mammography screening for reducing mortality, not all women receive screening according to recommended guidelines, and screening rates remain low among certain subpopulations of women. This is also true in Utah; in fact, a recent study showed Utah to be among the five lowest states in the nation for mammography screening rates, and in 2014, only 64.5% of Utah women aged 40 and older had received a mammogram within the two previous years, compared with 72.3% of U.S. women. Because of the discrepancy, local organizations are working to increase mammography rates among Utah women. 
This research snapshot focuses on three key areas: 
1) An overview of breast cancer and mammography rates for women in Utah, including various demographic factors,
2) An analysis of some of the issues contributing to lower breast cancer screening rates in Utah, and 
3) A discussion of current efforts being made in the state to improve the prevalence of mammography, with links to relevant resources.
Publication Date
March 1, 2017
Citation Information
Madsen, S. R., Barnes, E., & Scribner, R. (2017, March 1). Mammography among Utah women. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 7). Office of the Utah Women & Leadership Project. Retrieved from