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The Gender Wage Gap in Utah. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 10).
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Janika Dillion
  • Robbyn T. Scribner, Utah Valley University
In 2016, American women earned approximately 20% less than men. This gap has narrowed substantially since 1963, when the Equal Pay Act was passed and women earned 41% less than men; yet a gap persists, and a half century later women are still paid less than men in almost every occupation. In Utah, a woman earns approximately 71 cents per dollar that a man earns (though reports vary, several recent national studies show a gap between 70–71 cents), and according to the American Association for University Women, we have the nation’s fourth-largest gender wage gap for year-round full-time workers. With 43.9% of Utah’s workforce comprised of women and 72.1% of adult women participating in the paid workforce in the past 12 months (slightly higher than the national average of 71.5%), this topic is highly relevant to the wellbeing of Utah women. Closing the gender wage gap will strengthen women’s economic impact in their families, communities, and the state.
 This research snapshot focuses on three main areas: 
1) An overview of the gender wage gap and its definition, components, and significance;
2) An analysis of some of the unique factors leading to a large gender wage gap in Utah; and 
3) A discussion of possible ways to close the gender wage gap in the state.
Publication Date
August 2, 2017
Citation Information
Madsen, S. R., Dillion, J., & Scribner, R. (2017, August 2). The gender wage gap in Utah. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 10). Office of the Utah Women & Leadership Project. Retrieved from