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Theorizing Women & Leadership: New Insights and Contributions from Multiple Perspectives
  • Julia Storberg-Walker, George Washington University
  • Paige Haber-Curran
Theorizing Women and Leadership: New Insights and Contributions from Multiple Perspectives is the fifth volume in the Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice series. This cross-disciplinary series, from the International Leadership Association, enhances leadership knowledge and improves leadership development of women around the world. The purpose of this volume is to provide a forum for women to theorize about women's leadership in multiple ways and in multiple contexts. Theorizing has been a viewed as a gendered activity (Swedberg, 2014), and this series of chapters seeks to upend that imbalance. The chapters are written by women who represent multiple disciplines, cultures, races, and subject positions. The diversity extends into research paradigm and method, and the chapters combine to illuminate the multiple ways of knowing about and being a woman leader.
Publication Date
Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University. Karen A. Longman, Azusa Pacific University. Faith Wambura Ngunjiri, Concordia College, MN.
Information Age Publishing
Citation Information
Storberg-Walker, J. & Haber-Curran, P. (2017). Theorizing women & leadership: New insights and contributions from multiple perspectives. Madsen, S. R., Longman, K. A., & Ngunjiri, F. W (Series Editors, Women and Leadership, International Leadership Association). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.