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Innovative Reflection Tools for Management Development and Education (Professional Development Workshop)
Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2016)
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Kathi Tunheim, Gustavus Adolphus College
Research continues to support the finding that critical reflection is a foundational aspect in developing management and leadership skills and competencies for individuals of all ages. The purpose of this engaging, innovative workshop is to offer participants a variety of innovative reflection tools that can be used by management educators with college students and other adult learners in various settings. These tools can help learners enhance and develop knowledge, competencies, and skills through enhanced reflective experiences. This workshop will also provide attendees the opportunity to challenge behaviors and practices commonly seen and held within management education. This conversation uses important adult learning theory and demonstrates its vital utility in academics and practice. The PDW will begin with introductions and a session overview, which will outline the session objectives and then explore the following two questions: What is reflection? Why do reflection? Participants will learn about reflection tools, practice using them, and then share their experiences with others in small groups. Hence, a host of tools will be taught, practiced, and discussed. It will conclude with the opportunity for others to share tools, along with a debrief discussion and summary. This workshop can assist educators and practitioners in being aware of the variety of techniques available and give them practice to enhance these skills. Most importantly, they can immediately begin to implement what they have learned into their own settings. 
Publication Date
August 6, 2016
Anaheim, California
Citation Information
Madsen, S. R. & Tunheim, K. A. (2016, August 6). Innovative reflection tools for management development and education (professional development workshop). Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California.