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Op-ed: We Must Act Locally and Globally to Improve Women's Lives
The Salt Lake Tribune (2016)
  • Susan R. Madsen
Last week I met with a group of visitors from Indonesia who wanted to learn about the efforts I lead to help women in Utah become more educated, confident and influential. Because of my tight schedule that day, I had them come to my home. And it was there, sitting in my Highland home, that I had a profound moment I will never forget.
Through translators, I presented information about the two statewide efforts that I lead: the Utah Women and Leadership Project and the Utah Women and Education Initiative. I talked about the events we host, our website resources and some of the briefs that are available. I spoke about the importance of helping women become leaders. It all seemed to go well, and they were listening and nodding. After about 45 minutes the questions began. My guests asked deep, thoughtful questions and we had a good discussion.
Publication Date
February 13, 2016
Citation Information
Susan R. Madsen. "Op-ed: We Must Act Locally and Globally to Improve Women's Lives" The Salt Lake Tribune (2016)
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