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Ethics in in Research and Publication Process: Panel
EURAM (2011)
  • Luca Gnan
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Jim Davis, University of Notre Dame
With the fairly recent and highly publicized breaches of ethics among members of the business community, there is a need to re-examine specific strategies employed in all kinds of organizations. Many business faculty members are comfortable teaching ethics in the classroom, but are we (as scholars and educators) appropriately challenging our own ethical practices? To assist in raising awareness of ethical concerns within the EURAM, we believe it is important to focus discussions on challenging our own ethics, particularly as faculty members in our various roles. Although there are professional ethical codes, there have been few venues for dialogue. This session can heighten members’ ethical awareness and focus by bringing to light the importance of ethics in one critical area within the Academy—ethics in research and publishing.
  • ethics,
  • higher education,
  • publication,
  • research
Publication Date
Summer June 3, 2011
Citation Information
Luca Gnan, Susan R. Madsen and Jim Davis. "Ethics in in Research and Publication Process: Panel" EURAM (2011)
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