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Innovative Reflection Tools for HRD Training, Development, and Education
2010 AHRD Research Conference of the Americas (2010)
  • Susan R. Madsen, Utah Valley University
  • Katherine Tunheims, Gustavus Adolphus College
The English word reflection is derived from reflectere, “to bend back” – as a mirror bends back the light, making apparent what is otherwise hidden or mysterious (Johnson, 2006). Reflection bends the light of our experiences back into our minds, to consider what the experience was about and what it meant. Reflection is also a critical element in transformational learning opportunities that should be part of effective training, development, and educational experiences (e.g., courses, workshops, programs). Since developing people is seeded in learning, HRD educators, scholars, and/or practitioners continuously work to understand the most effective methods and techniques to assist individuals in learning more effectively with the goal of improving performance. The purpose of this engaging workshop is to offer a variety of innovative tools that both academics and practitioners can use with adult learners in various settings to help them further develop knowledge, competencies, and skills through enhanced reflection experiences.
  • reflection,
  • teaching,
  • tools
Publication Date
Winter February 26, 2010
Citation Information
Susan R. Madsen and Katherine Tunheims. "Innovative Reflection Tools for HRD Training, Development, and Education" 2010 AHRD Research Conference of the Americas (2010)
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