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Unpublished Paper
Cecal Microbiome Characterization for Layers underHeat Stress
Animal Industry Report
  • John C. F. Hsieh, Iowa State University
  • Nathaniel Barett, Virginia Polytechnic and State University
  • Torey Looft, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Michael E. Persia, Virgnia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Susan J. Lamont, Iowa State University
Extension Number
ASL R3179
Publication Date
Summary and Implications

Animal microbiomeshavegainedattentionin recent years because oftheirrolesin avariety of physiological responses to disease and environment challenges. In this study, we subjected production white egg layers to a 4-week heatstress challenge to measure changes in the cecal microbiome. We found that heat stress altersthe cecal microbial compositionafter 2 weeks of cyclic heat exposure. To our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate changes in microbiome in heat-stressed layers, and provides an approximatetime course for the microbiome alterations.

Copyright Holder
Iowa State University
Citation Information
John C. F. Hsieh, Nathaniel Barett, Torey Looft, Michael E. Persia, et al.. "Cecal Microbiome Characterization for Layers underHeat Stress" (2017)
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