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Demand-Driven E-books + Usage Data = Informed Collection Development
California Academic & Research Libraries Conference (2012)
  • Emily K Chan, San Jose State University
  • Susan L. Kendall, San Jose State University
  • Carole Correa-Morris, San Jose State University
San José State University’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library piloted a demand-driven acquisition program in Spring 2011. Evaluating the usage data collected during the Spring and Fall 2011 semesters, SJSU librarians and staff have begun to examine user trends to innovatively meet users’ needs in the area of collection development. Analyzed data informs decision-making, specifically which subjects may be complemented by the e-book format. Usage statistics can also indicate how e-books are being used across the campus community and disciplines. 
This poster session will present the process, methods, and findings of SJSU’s first two semesters using a demand-driven acquisition program. This poster session will also illustrate how a large, urban university library can process the data provided by an electronic book vendor to creatively learn more about its users and their general e-book usage patterns.
Publication Date
April, 2012
San Diego, CA
Citation Information
Emily K Chan, Susan L. Kendall and Carole Correa-Morris. "Demand-Driven E-books + Usage Data = Informed Collection Development" California Academic & Research Libraries Conference (2012)
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