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Nonstandard Work in Developed Economies: Causes and Consequences
  • Susan N. Houseman
  • Machiko Osawa
This book reveals the considerable variation in the levels of growth in a broad set of nonstandard work arrangements while presenting a comprehensive view of how, as a result, the nature of the employment relationship is changing within and among countries. The international roster of economists, sociologists, and labor law experts who contributed draw on cross-country variations in economic conditions and institutional characteristics to explain why some arrangements have grown faster in some countries than in others and what this means for workers. By considering a broad array of nonstandard work arrangements in a number of economies, the authors provide a richer understanding than if the focus had been limited to a single country of one or a short-list of employment arrangements.
  • nonstandard work,
  • nonstandard work arrangements,
  • part time work,
  • part time employment,
  • employment flexibility,
  • employment contracts,
  • female labor force,
  • self employment,
  • temporary employment,
  • temporary work,
  • temporary jobs,
  • working time
Publication Date
January 1, 2003
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
9780880992640 (cloth) ; 9780880992633 (pbk.)
Publisher Statement
  1. Introduction / Susan Houseman, Machiko Osawa
  2. The Change in Work Arrangements in Denmark and Germany: Erosion or Renaissance of Standards? / Edeltraud Hoffmann and Ulrich Walwei
  3. Regulatory Convergence?: Nonstandard Work in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands / Colette Fagan
  4. Nonstandard Work in Italy and Spain: The Quest for Flexibility at the Margin in Two Supposedly Rigid Labor Markets / Inmaculada Cebrián, Gloria Moreno, Manuela Samek, Renata Semenza, Luis Toharia
  5. Nonstandard Work Arrangements in France and the United States / Françoise Carré
  6. The Growth of Nonstandard Employment in Japan and the United States: A Comparison of Causes and Consequences / Susan Houseman, Machiko Osawa
  7. Employment Choices and Pay Differences between Nonstandard and Standard Work in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden / Siv Gustafsson, Eiko Kenjoh, Cécile Wetzels
  8. Standard and Nonstandard Work Arrangements, Pay Difference, and Choice of Work by Japanese Mothers / Nobuko Nagase
  9. Work Arrangements Among Women in the United States / Naomi Cassirer
  10. In Search of a New Framework for Flexibility: Reregulation of Nonstatndard Employment in the European Union / Isabelle Schömann, Klaus Schömann
  11. Nonstandard Work Arrangements in Japan and the United States: A Legal Perspective / Noriaki Kojima and Keiko Fujikawa
  12. Work Attitudes and Nonstandard Work Arrangements in the United States, Japan, and Europe / Arne L. Kalleberg, Jeremy Reynolds
Citation Information
Houseman, Susan, and Machiko Osawa, eds. 2003. Nonstandard Work in Developed Economies: Causes and Consequences. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.