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Polymorphic repeat in AIB1 does not alter breast cancer risk
Breast Cancer Research (2000)
  • Haiman A. Christopher
  • Susan E. Hankinson, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Donna Spiegelman
  • Graham A. Colditz
  • Walter C. Willett
  • Frank E. Speizer
  • Myles Brown
  • David J. Hunter
We assessed the association between a glutamine repeat polymorphism in AIB1 and breast cancer risk in a case-control study (464 cases, 624 controls) nested within the Nurses' Health Study cohort. We observed no association between AIB1 genotype and breast cancer incidence, or specific tumor characteristics. These findings suggest that AIB1 repeat genotype does not influence postmenopausal breast cancer risk among Caucasian women in the general population.
  • AIB1 polymorphism,
  • breast cancer,
  • genetic susceptibility,
  • molecular epidemiology
Publication Date
June 19, 2000
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Citation Information
Haiman A. Christopher, Susan E. Hankinson, Donna Spiegelman, Graham A. Colditz, et al.. "Polymorphic repeat in AIB1 does not alter breast cancer risk" Breast Cancer Research Vol. 2 (2000)
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