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About Susan Freiwald

Susan Freiwald is the Interim Dean at the University of San Francisco School of Law where in the past she has taught Cyberspace Law, Information Privacy Law, and Contracts.
Freiwald received her B.A. (economics) and J.D. from Harvard and helped elect Barack Obama to be President (of the Harvard Law Review). After law school, Freiwald clerked for Judge Amalya Kearse on the Second Circuit Court. Freiwald worked as an applications (software) developer at Oracle Corporation in Silicon Valley prior to law school. She has written law review articles on the intersection of high technology and law, focusing on online surveillance and the Fourth Amendment regulation of communications privacy. She has also written or co-written several amicus briefs in federal district and appellate courts, including in the Warshak case and in a recent case concerning Cell Site Location Information.


Present Faculty Member, University of San Francisco

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