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Excellence Initiative
Catholic Education Summit
  • Susan Ferguson
  • Sherry Gabert
  • Chrissy Buschur
  • Patti Reuber
  • Mollie Mallin
  • Theresa McGlothen
  • Mary Beth Walters
KU 331
Start Date
18-7-2012 1:45 PM
End Date
18-7-2012 2:45 PM
Susan and Sherry will present the tenets of the Excellence Initiative (EI), a collaborative effort between the University of Dayton’s Center for Catholic Education and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Catholic School Office. In its fourth year, the EI claims four pillars for continual improvement in academic achievement for students and professional growth for teachers. Activities and programs filled with surprises, success, and disappointments regarding curricular, assessment, instructional, and professional learning community endeavors will be explained and evaluated.
Citation Information
Susan Ferguson, Sherry Gabert, Chrissy Buschur, Patti Reuber, et al.. "Excellence Initiative" (2012)
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