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Concussions and Student Sports: A 'Silent Epidemic'
West's Education Law Reporter
  • Susan C. Davies, University of Dayton
  • Charles J. Russo, University of Dayton
  • Allan G. Osborne
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An issue that has gained attention concerns concussions among student–athletes in elementary and secondary schools. In fact, in light of the “silent epidemic” of concussions among student–athletes, in the six month period ending in August of 2011, the number of states that enacted statutes on concussion management jumped from eleven to thirty–one and the list of jurisdictions with laws in place continues to grow. Based on the significance of concussion management, the remainder of this article is divided into two sections. The first part of the article examines the background on concussions while the second offers recommendations for concussion management and prevention. The article ends with a brief conclusion.

This article, which initially appeared in West’s Education Law Reporter, is included in this repository with permission of Thomson Reuters.

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Susan C. Davies, Charles J. Russo and Allan G. Osborne. "Concussions and Student Sports: A 'Silent Epidemic'" West's Education Law Reporter Iss. Education Law into Practice special issue (2012)
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