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Unpublished Paper
Information Literacy at the Crossroads: The Convergence between the Research and the Writing Processes
LOEX Proceedings for 2014 (2014)
  • Susan A. Ariew
Proceedings paper from LOEX 2014. Whether they know it or not, librarians who assist students engaging in scholarly dialogue in their research also contribute significantly in helping them become stronger writers. This paper aims to benefit those who are interested in broadening the impact of information literacy pedagogy by examining their role in the writing process.  Information literacy involves the promoting of critical thinking skills that are directly akin to the writing process itself as students learn to do the following: identify and select manageable topics; formulate research questions; set up a search plan; identify and evaluate their sources; and cite their sources appropriately. This paper discusses the intersection between rhetoric and information literacy and the implications for the classroom, including the strong theoretical connection between the processes of writing and research, along with the librarian’s role as educator in these processes
  • information literacy,
  • library instruction,
  • research process,
  • writing process,
  • librarian role,
  • academic libraries,
  • composition
Publication Date
Spring May, 2014
Citation Information
Susan A. Ariew. "Information Literacy at the Crossroads: The Convergence between the Research and the Writing Processes" LOEX Proceedings for 2014 (2014)
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