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Protocol for Auditory Brainstem Response-Based Audiological Assessment (ABRA)
National Centre for Audiology
  • Marlene Bagatto, Western University
  • Viji Easwar
  • Rana El-Naji, Western University
  • Martyn Hyde
  • April Malandrino
  • Vanessa Martin
  • Marie Pigeon
  • David Purcell, Western University
  • Susan Scollie, Western University
  • Jill Witte
Document Type
Clinical Protocols
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This protocol document includes a tabular synopsis of all key protocol elements, followed by expanded sections that may include additional details, rationale, challenges,and solutions for each topic area,plus appendices with selected references and further technical or procedural specifications.There are numerous changes from the 2016 Infant Hearing Program Audiologic Assessment document; the most important areas of change or emphasis are indicated by shading of the topic section number.The following synopsis can stand alone as a summary of the current ABRA protocol including all changes from previous versions.Areas within the 2008 IHP Assessment Protocol that relate to the protocol for Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) and Conditioned Play Audiometry(CPA) are included in the Protocol for Audiometric Assessment for Children Aged 6 to 60 months.

Citation Information
Marlene Bagatto, Viji Easwar, Rana El-Naji, Martyn Hyde, et al.. "Protocol for Auditory Brainstem Response-Based Audiological Assessment (ABRA)" (2020)
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