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  • Susan Ripple, University of North Florida
Generational conflict certainly isn’t a new concept.  What generation hasn’t lamented the characteristics of the generation that followed?  Certainly our parents complained bitterly about our music, our clothes, our attitudes, and even our friends.  However, the unique set of circumstances separating Generation Y from Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists creates a new type of intergenerational conflict.  GenY’s doting parents instilled a strong sense of security and optimism, characteristics that are lacking in older generations, but therein lies the rub.  While the Millennials are technologically savvy, racially/ethnically diverse, and determined to be a source of influence, they have been hindered in their abilities to think critically and to develop options. Therefore, this brief article provides professional school counselors with insight and tools for meeting the needs of a new generation of students.
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  • Gen Y,
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  • Intergenerational Conflict,
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Publication Date
Fall November, 2013
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Susan Ripple. "GenY Article.pdf" (2013)
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