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Evidencing reflective practice with e-portfolios
Physiotherapy Conference Papers
  • Jo Connaughton, University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Susan Edgar, University of Notre Dame Australia
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Reflective practice is recognised as a graduate attribute in tertiary level health professional and education courses. Reflective practice has been defined as an ‘intentional and skilled activity in which a person analyses and describes his or her thoughts, actions, feelings, and behaviours and makes judgements about their effectiveness’ (Australian Physiotherapy Council, 2006). To begin to master the skill of reflective practice, physiotherapy students from the university complete reflective journals whilst on clinical placement. Journals are commenced in first year during pre-clinical hours and then during formal clinical placements in second, third and fourth year. In 2009, students commenced writing their journals in blog format. A framework for reflective practice was developed (Connaughton & Edgar, 2011) to assist students with structuring their thoughts.
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The Authors:

Ms Susan Edgar

Mrs Jo Connaughton

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Jo Connaughton and Susan Edgar. "Evidencing reflective practice with e-portfolios" (2011)
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