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Translation, globalisation, and localisation : a Chinese perspective
Staff Publications
  • Ning WANG
  • Yifeng SUN, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Edited book
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Multilingual Matters
The global/local distinction has changed significantly in recent years, and the topic has been debated in literary, cultural and translation studies. In this age of globalisation, the traditional definition of translation has been altered. In this anthology, translation is viewed as a cultural and political practice. All the essays deal with issues of translation from a cultural and theoretic perspective with regard to tensions and conflicts between global and local interests and values. Despite their different approaches, the chapters are thematically integrated to discuss translation in a dialectical framework: either globalising Chinese issues internationally, or localising general and international issues domestically.
Additional Information
Wang Ning and Sun Yifeng are the editors of the book.
Citation Information
Sun, Y., & Wang, N. (Eds.) (2008). Translation, globalisation, and localisation: A Chinese perspective. Buffalo, N.Y.: Multilingual Matters.