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Unpublished Paper
Georeferencing Historical FARS Accident Data: A Preliminary Report
  • Sungsoon Hwang, DePaul University
  • Jean-Claude Thill, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
This report documents procedures used to geo-reference data in the FARS database. The scope of the work reported here is limited to New York State and to the period from 1996 to 2001. The expected audience of this report includes a general public interested in getting geo-referenced historical FARS data (i.e., shape file, arc/info coverage, SDTS) or in learning about implementing non-custom geo-referencing procedures in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The first part (section II, III) describes the source data and reference data. The second part (section IV, V) presents how to geo-reference the source data against reference data. More specifically, section IV presents the basic ideas behind the proposed procedures for geo-referencing the FARS data as well as an overview of the procedures. Section V gives a more detailed description of the procedures. We demonstrate results in the Section VI.
  • Similarity-based georeferencing,
  • GIS,
  • Fuzzy set
Publication Date
March, 2003
Citation Information
Sungsoon Hwang and Jean-Claude Thill. "Georeferencing Historical FARS Accident Data: A Preliminary Report" (2003)
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