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The Start and End of a Human Being
  • Sung-Soo Han

『How did the history of a human being start and how will it end?』 All human beings who were born on this planet so far have agonized over this puzzle but anybody did not seek out a right answer to this problem until now.  

 “Theory of evolution” is the view that a human being evolved from a lower creature, and “theory of spontaneous generation” explains that a human being emerged naturally. On the other hand “theory of creation” states that God created a human being based on the record of the Bible.  

Evolutionists are trying to justify their position based on the presumption without providing any exact scientific ground clarifying the evolution process whereas creationists just argue that God created a human being only based on the record of the Bible without any concrete ground. Thus, there is a big opinion gap between two sides which cannot be compromised.  

If each side continues to argue its position only based on the uncertain scientific ground or the vague record of the Bible, it would be impossible to come to a true conclusion. A human being, who is a higher animal, is distinguished from other animals since he has a thinking power. The thinking power is a distinctive ability of a human being which cannot be enjoyed by other animals. Human beings often feel joy or agony due to this distinctive ability.  

This thinking ability also makes men themselves wander among numberless puzzles such as “Why was I borne in this world?”, “Where is the terminal of my life?”, “How should I lead my life as a human being?”, “If there were a spirit, where would my spirit go after my death?” and so on. Therefore, a weak human being tends to rely on whatever absolute in order to quench his thirst, and such uncertainty created numberless religions all over the world.  

Many religions talk about a “heaven” or “paradise” in their own way in order to tempt a human being, but almost all religions do not clearly explain the beginning and end of a human being. Thus, a human being is destined to lead his life with anxiety and agony.  

A human being makes a decision for his living every day. If he is certain that everything is going well according to his decision making, he would not feel anxiety. Otherwise, he can not help feeling anxiety.  

 “A student who is going to take an exam”, “a patient who is going to undergo an surgical operation”, “a businessman who must make a business judgment in spite of the uncertain business circumstance”, “a policy-maker who must make an important and uncertain decision”, “a job applicant who must choose his course”, “a person who is facing death”, etc. - all human beings feel anxiety and get stressed since they cannot foresee the future exactly. A severe stress becomes a cause of all diseases and often makes human beings be in doldrums or commit suicide. His/her social position is not helpful.  

Life is the most precious in the world. Thus, if these precious human beings close their life without exactly understanding its purpose, it is a most pitiful one. If a human being exactly understands the starting and ending point of life, he could set up a right life goal and enjoy a pleasure of advancing toward the goal without faltering. Otherwise, he could not help being ridden with anxiety and agony.  

There exist the endless puzzles, which cannot be resolved by men, in the world. Since the starting of human history, numberless philosophers and men of religion have studied the meaning of life, and a lot of scientists also have explored the history of the earth and universe. However the more they study, the more questions they end up with.  

In conclusion, God studied for an infinite period to create a human being, the earth and the universe. And, God alone knows and can tell the secret of creation.  

Thus, it is useless for a human being having lifespan of at most 100 years to try to explain the secret of creation of a human being and the universe with a low level of human science. If God does not give human beings wisdom, he can never be able to explain it with his science.   

A human being’s life is so precious that it cannot be exchanged even with the whole universe! God created human beings in the first Heaven. But they committed a sin against God’s will and as a result all human beings (except for 57.6 billion baby girls) in the first Heaven died. Thus, God made human beings reborn in the Earth (the first Hell) so that they can have another chance to enjoy eternal life with God in the second Heaven.  

However almost all human beings do not know this secret now. Accordingly the more they study, the more questions and stresses they bump into, and it makes them much unhappier. I am a scholar who makes an effort for the development of my country Korea and global community. I have also lived my life accepting this bond of torture as natural like others. 

This writing discusses the fundamental problems of life which all human beings could not know until now but must understand. Only God, who created human beings and the universe, knows these fundamental problems.  As the words of God are out of the scope of knowledge of human beings, I am afraid if I would make a mistake in delivering the words of God. I deliver the words of God with courage, however, since God gave us a mission to deliver His words. 

When I look back my past, I remember I have gone through the rough and rugged paths of life like other people. Sometimes I felt my life was falling under an endless cliff suffering with disease and the hardships of life. All human beings were born in this world (first Hell) to suffer endless pains according to the God's plan. Thus, nobody can avoid it.  

I came to learn the words of God for the first time in November 2009 and understand the start and end of a human being through these words. After that I am walking the path of seeker of truth.  Now my life is completely different from my past life. I am praying to God every day and every second lest I get back to the past way of living. Peacefulness and Joy which God gives us can be understood by only persons who have experienced it.  

I feel sorry that it looks like I alone enjoy these precious ones. Thus, I am writing wishing that all human beings would enjoy the endless blessing that God allows us. I wish that all men reading this writing could enjoy the life full of peacefulness and joy by leading their life according to the words of God and ultimately get into the second Heaven prepared by God. And I sincerely pray to Lord God for that.  

December 12, 2018

Han, Sung-Soo

The existence of God can be clearly explained based on evidence and logic as follows:

Recently some scientists asserted that Giza Pyramid was not a tomb but a wireless power plant. However, they didn’t provide an exact answer as to which technology was used and who built it approximately 4,500 years ago. Scientists presume that aliens built it. According to the current archaeology and Darwin’s doctrine of evolution, the age of 4,500 years ago comes under a primitive society and people didn’t have such an advanced building technology. As a result, it was factually impossible to build such a structure at that time.

In fact, the answer to this problem is simple. According to the Words of Creator God, the age of the earth is 3 trillion years old. During that time, God made a Judgment against human beings every 4,500 years on average. At the time of Judgment, God annihilated all human beings except for 4 to 8 persons so that they prosper on the earth again, that is, the history of mankind starts again.

Accordingly, God used the same method at the time of Noah great deluge. God annihilated all human beings except for Noah’s 8 family members, and then the new history of mankind started again. That is, after the great deluge (approximately 4,500 years ago), human beings started to newly accumulate their knowledge until now from a primitive situation. Then, why didn’t human beings connect their before-annihilation knowledge to their after-annihilation knowledge? For your understanding, please refer to the pages 61~65 of the below writingThe Start and End of a Human Being

It is presumed that Giza Pyramid was built in approximately B.C. 2,500, that is, immediately before the Noah great deluge. The society immediately before the great deluge had an advanced technology like the current society, and thus it was possible to build such a structure. Ancient structures which require a high level of technology are being discovered all over the world now. These evidences strongly support the Words of Creator God.

The Start and End of a Human Beingexplains many important topics such as ‘Darwin’s doctrine of evolution’, ‘errors of the Scripture’, ‘the creation of the universe and a human being’, ‘the operation of the universe and the earth’, ‘temperature adjustment of the sun and the earth’, ‘secret of gravitation’, ‘meteor and gravitation’ and ‘aliens’.

All persons on the earth must understand this writing and make a desperate effort to get out of a sinful life. By doing so, they can return to their original home.

The Start and End of a Human Being:

[SCIENTIFIC THEORY] Scientific theory concerning the age of the earth is continuously changing as time goes on: At first 20 million to 40 million years old, then 4.6 billion years old. It is because human knowledge develops. Please see my writing (footnote 19 at page 22). And now NASA says that it found out a star which is 13.6 billion years. Refer to . According to the Words of God, the universe and the earth were created simultaneously. Thus, in the near future scientists will find out that the age of the universe & earth is 3 trillion years old. As time goes on, scientific theory is changed. But logic based on fact is not changed.

  • Start and End of Human Being
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Winter December 12, 2018
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