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The Answer
  • Sung-Soo Han

The age when leaves and parchments, etc. were used as a means of information exchange has developed into the age using paper instead of them, and now we are entering into the age of infinite information using information technology (IT) as a means of information exchange. Accordingly, the exchange of information between individuals, enterprises and countries is more active bringing a great change to each field of society. Thus, it became a very important matter whether we can adapt ourselves to the flow of this change or not. In the past, a generalist who has several fields of experience and knowledge could succeed in the society although his/her experience and knowledge are not in-depth. However, now with the rapid increase of information, we are experiencing a swift change in the circumstance. Accordingly, it’s now factually impossible for one person to monopolize information and it also became more difficult for people to be versed in even one field. Since every field of society requests us to be a specialist other than a generalist, we should adapt ourselves to the flow of this change. From a scientific perspective, it is thought that the basic principle to arrive at the peak would be the same regardless of whether it’s natural science or social science. Since the future society will request human beings the scientific and reasonable way of thinking based on reason rather than emotion, it would be much more reasonable to say that the basic principle to arrive at a peak in every field is the same. There is no perfect answer to pending problems in the real world where infinite variables exist and these variables continue to change. Accordingly, the ability which can make out the best answer that is scientific and reasonable based on the in-depth analyses upon pending issues is required and we should make more efforts to cultivate this ability than we did in the past. Now, labor market gives more value to men of ability who can adapt themselves to the changing circumstance, and this phenomenon will be much more intensified in the information-oriented society. Therefore, the memorizing education which was a weak point of Korean education system and cannot adapt to the changing circumstance could not survive any longer. I present my thought as a tax specialist which works in the legal field and explain how to cope with the specialist society based on my knowledge and experience in this field. I think that specialists of every field including social science might express sympathy with what I try to emphasize. Considering these factors, on the basis of my field experience and knowledge, I tried to explain with ease how and what people should do in order to adapt to the rapid circumstance change. In order to emphasize the importance of experience and knowledge, I tried to quantify them in “Experience and Knowledge”. In “Perfect Answer and Best Answer”, the reason why only the best answer exists in the real world full of infinite variables was emphasized. In “Analysis Ability”, how to approach and analyze social problems was discussed, and the problems of memorizing education and the importance of logic were emphasized in “Memorizing and Logic”. In “Team Work”, its importance was emphasized from the different viewpoint from the ordinary concept. How to fulfill a complex and difficult project within a limited time was set forth in “Example of Team Work”. Further, how experience and knowledge can be utilized for the solution of an actual problem and how to make out the best answer were explained in “International Tax Case”. I do hope that my writing can be helpful to people who should survive in a specialist society.

Publication Date
Fall September 1, 2004
MuHan Co. Ltd.
89-5601-091-9 03300
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The writing was published in both book (Korean version) and internet (English version: in 2004. This PDF file was edited in July 2008 again.
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Sung-Soo Han. The Answer. Seoul Korea(2004)
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