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Victimology of Interpersonal violence: A comprehensive Outlook of Legislative Policies in India
Indian Journal of Legal Philosophy (2014)
  • Sukdeo Ingale, University of Pune
Victimology is future of criminology. Hence, in contemporary era, every crime needs to be relooked through the ‘injured eyes’ of victim. Against this backdrop, this study investigates a largely unexplored area in victimology i.e. the victimization of men in interpersonal violence. The main object of the study is to evaluate the existence of men victimization by misuse of different laws and to describe and analyze how misuse of different laws by women and systematic bias against men increased probability of men victimization. After extensive literature review, the author found that the rate of men victimization throughout glob is increasing day by day and the role of female perpetrators are expanding from ‘traditional forms’ to ‘inexorable forms’. This study envisages the extent to which systematic bias against men, prevailing throughout world, has been playing contributory role to this situation. The systematic bias may be either on the part of Legislature (while enacting laws), Police officials (while investigating crimes) or the Judiciary (while adjudicating victimization). The systematic bias is result of their presumption, apparent from their policies, that there is “more possibility” of violence by men against women.
  • Female Perpetrator,
  • Interpersonal Violence,
  • Intimate Partner Violence,
  • Men Victimization,
  • Victimology
Publication Date
June, 2014
Citation Information
Sukdeo Ingale. "Victimology of Interpersonal violence: A comprehensive Outlook of Legislative Policies in India" Indian Journal of Legal Philosophy Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2014)
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