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Understanding the musical dance of the engaged coronary catheter: insights from advanced myocardial mechanics
The Journal of invasive cardiology
  • Khawaja A Ammar, Aurora Health Care
  • Tanvir Bajwa, Aurora Health Care
  • Suhail Q Allaqaband, Aurora Health Care
  • Anthony C DeFranco, Aurora Health Care
Aurora Affiliations

Aurora Cardiovascular Services, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

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A case of a 56-year-old woman with normal coronaries displays the side-to-side motion of the unengaged catheter followed by the rhythmic up-and-down, piston-like movements of the catheter tip after engagement.

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Ammar KA, Bajwa T, Allaqaband SQ, Defranco A. Understanding the Musical Dance of the Engaged Coronary Catheter: Insights From Advanced Myocardial Mechanics. J Invasive Cardiol. 2018;30(9):E97-E98.