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Against the odds: Influences on the post-school success of 'low performers'
  • Sue Thomson, ACER
  • Kylie Hillman, ACER
The link between academic achievement and labour market outcomes is well established. But how well does a student's achievement in a test predict their later success in life? This study examines this question, with 'success' considered to encompass satisfaction with life together with the extent to which young people are fully occupied with education, employment or a combination of these. Low performers in mathematics in the 2003 Programme for International Student Assessment were the focus. The study found that 'low performing' status has little impact on future success. Further, students who saw the value of mathematics for their future success were more likely to achieve this success.
  • Academic achievement,
  • Low achievement,
  • Employment,
  • Mathematics achievement,
  • Success
Publication Date
September, 2010
Citation Information
Sue Thomson and Kylie Hillman. Against the odds: Influences on the post-school success of 'low performers'. (2010)
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