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Evaluation of the sensitivity and use of the nursing outcomes classification
Journal of nursing measurement
  • M. Johnson
  • Sue Moorhead, University of Iowa
  • Meridean Maas, University of Iowa
  • D. Reed
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Peer Reviewed
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J Nurs Meas
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The two purposes of the study were evaluation of the sensitivity of Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) outcomes to change in patient condition and description of the outcomes and interventions nurses select for patients with a specific nursing diagnosis. Data were collected in 10 clinical sites representing the care continuum. Sensitivity was evaluated by comparing paired serial ratings of the means of NOC outcomes at baseline and subsequent intervals, including discharge. Descriptive statistics were used to illustrate linkages between the outcomes and interventions selected for each diagnosis. There were 4,233 paired serial ratings on 166 NOC outcomes of which 804 included at least two follow-up ratings. The average change ranged from 0.00 to 1.47 on a 5-point scale. The 10 most frequently selected diagnoses varied across sites, as did outcomes and interventions selected for each diagnosis. The findings provide evidence of the sensitivity of NOC in the aggregate and the value of standardized terminology for studying nursing practice.
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  • Humans,
  • North America,
  • Nursing Assessment/classification/standards,
  • Nursing Diagnosis/classification,
  • Nursing Evaluation Research/methods,
  • Outcome Assessment (Health Care)/classification/methods,
  • Reference Standards,
  • Sensitivity and Specificity,
  • Terminology as Topic,
  • Vocabulary,
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Journal of nursing measurement, 11:2 (2003) pp.119-134.
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M. Johnson, Sue Moorhead, Meridean Maas and D. Reed. "Evaluation of the sensitivity and use of the nursing outcomes classification" Journal of nursing measurement Vol. 11 Iss. 2 (2003) p. 119 - 134 ISSN: 1061-3749
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