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Preserving Our Cemeteries_ Action Steps To Making It Happen.jpg
Landmark Report (2012)
  • Sue Lynn McDaniel
This article resulted from attending Preservation Kentucky's "Our History Rests Here:  Preservation and Restoration of Historic Cemeteries" workshop.  As a member of the Warren County Cemetery Board, the author gives 15 practical steps for cemetery enthusiasts, property owners and family members.  It informs its readers how to get in touch with the author and encourages local citizens to get involved.
  • Warren County,
  • Kentucky,
  • Historic Preservation,
  • Gravestones,
  • Tombstones,
  • Monuments,
  • Statues,
  • State Law
Publication Date
November, 2012
Publisher Statement
Republished on author's Selected Works site with the permission of Jonathan Jeffrey, editor of Landmark Report on 25 January 2016.
Citation Information
Sue Lynn McDaniel. "Preserving Our Cemeteries_ Action Steps To Making It Happen.jpg" Landmark Report Vol. XXX Iss. 3 (2012) p. 6 - 7
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