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A nursing application of telecommunications. Measurement of satisfaction for patients and providers.
J Gerontol Nurs
  • J. L. Mass M Johnson-Mekota
  • K. A. Buresh
  • Sue E. Gardner, University of Iowa
  • R. A. Frantz, University of Iowa
  • Janet K. Specht, University of Iowa
  • B. Wakefield
  • J. Flanagan
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Peer Reviewed
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J Gerontol Nurs
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Consumer and provider satisfaction is key to the continued use and expansion of telehealth technology. This pilot study compared satisfaction of providers and patients with wound consultations done in person with those done via real-time interactive video technology. Eleven telehealth consultations with a nurse expert were immediately followed by an in-person consultation with a second nurse expert. Satisfaction questionnaires were administered to patients, referring nurses, and the consultant nurse expert following both the in-person consultation and the telehealth consultation. The referring nurses (100%) were satisfied with both the telehealth and in-person consultations, noting the ability to provide better care for their patients. The patients (55%) were "very satisfied" with the telehealth consultations versus 40% satisfied with the in-person consultations. Difficulty in hearing for the patients was equal in both groups, which resulted in changes in the consultation process. The patients' difficulty in seeing the telehealth consultant was addressed through larger screens and strategic positioning to provide easier viewing for the patient and providers. The telehealth nurse consultant was satisfied overall but had some difficulty communicating. This pilot study helped provide useful information for both the telehealth and in-person consultations.
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J Gerontol Nurs, 27:1 (2001) pp.28-33.
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J. L. Mass M Johnson-Mekota, K. A. Buresh, Sue E. Gardner, R. A. Frantz, et al.. "A nursing application of telecommunications. Measurement of satisfaction for patients and providers." J Gerontol Nurs Vol. 27 Iss. 1 (2001) p. 28 - 33 ISSN: 0098-9134
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