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Excess Wealth Order and Sample Spacings
Statistical Methodology (2007)
  • Subhash Kochar, Portland State University
  • Xiaohu Li
  • Maochao Xu, Portland State University

In this note, we further study the properties of excess wealth (or right spread) order and the location independent riskier order. It is proved that if X is less variable than Y according to excess wealth order, then View the MathML source for k=0,1,…,n−1, where X0:n=Y0:n≡0. Similar results are obtained for location independent riskier order. An application in k-price business auction models is presented as well.

Publication Date
October, 2007
Citation Information
Subhash Kochar, Xiaohu Li and Maochao Xu. "Excess Wealth Order and Sample Spacings" Statistical Methodology Vol. 4 Iss. 4 (2007)
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