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Nature or Nurture? Gender Roles Scavenger Hunt
American Journal of Sexuality Education (2008)
  • Shannon Whalen
  • Suanne Maurer-Starks, Bridgewater State University

The examination of gender roles and stereotypes and their subsequent impact on sexual behavior is a concept for discussion in many sex education courses in college and sex education units in high school. This analysis often leads to a discussion of the impact of nature vs. nurture on gender roles. The gender roles scavenger hunt is an interactive learning experience that requires students to examine societal influences on gender roles. As part of this examination, students identify characteristics and behaviors society deems normal and appropriate for males and females and discuss what occurs when people act outside their gender roles.

  • gender,
  • gender roles,
  • gender stereotypes,
  • sex,
  • sexual behavior
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Shannon Whalen and Suanne Maurer-Starks. "Nature or Nurture? Gender Roles Scavenger Hunt" American Journal of Sexuality Education Vol. 3 Iss. 4 (2008)
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